New vegetable shed needed in Damphu town

The vegetable vendors of Damphu town in Tsirang say there is a need for a new vegetable shed. At present, most of the vendors are not able to display all their vegetables as the shed is small, cramped and more than a decade old.

All the sixteen vegetable vendors have pitched tarpaulin sheets adjacent to their respective shed spaces. This, they say is to protect their fresh vegetables from heat and rain. But it doesn’t help much.

“But we have to adjust with the existing space since we stay far from here. Moreover, it is not safe without proper gates. We would be grateful if the government could construct a new vegetable shed with attached stores like in Thimphu. We don’t have problem paying little higher rents,” said Dago, a vegetable vendor.

“The roof leaks when it rains heavily. Last time, I had to throw sacks of rotten potatoes,” said Naley, one of the vendors.

“It is inconvenient selling vegetables from the present shed. Onions start giving roots when it rains and dry chillies easily get spoiled with fungus. For instance, if we buy a bunch of spinach meant to be sold at thirty Ngultrum, we cannot even sell it as ten Ngultrum as it loses its freshness,” said Oma Devi Monger, another vendor.

“We were told that the municipal office will carry out maintenance works to improve the existing sheds but I don’t see it happening,” said Doli, another vendor.

Meanwhile, the Damphu municipal office has no plans to construct a new vegetable shed. This means, the vendors will have to continue selling vegetables from the cramped spaces.

Pema Tshewang, Tsirang

Edited by Sonam Pem

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