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Leopard attacks two men in their house- Jangbi in Trongsa

Sep 28, 2021

Two men were attacked by a leopard that entered their house in Jangbi village under Langthil Gewog in Trongsa at about 9 PM yesterday. They were evacuated to the JDWNRH today.

According to a source, there were only two of them in the house when the leopard attacked. The house belongs to a 55-year-old man who suffered multiple injuries on his face with heavy bleeding. The other victim is a 49-year-old man who went for a sleepover there. He was left with multiple scratches and injuries over the body and head.

The source said the two men had left the main door open. It is suspected that the leopard entered the house chasing a cat and then attacked the house owner who was sleeping in the altar room. The commotion woke up the friend and he helped fight back the leopard and chased it away.

Health officials from the Langthil Basic Health Unit provided the first aid immediately after the community reported the attack. They were then evacuated to the Jangbi Health Centre immediately with the help of local people. The patients were taken to Trongsa Hospital earlier this morning. They are in stable condition at present but were referred to the JDWNRH for further treatment.

Such a leopard attack was reported for the first time in the district. Jangbi chiwog falls under the National Protected area.

Passang, Trongsa

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