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“His Majesty is our hope and is our future,” PM at UNGA on combating COVID-19

Sep 26, 2021

Bhutan’s resilience and hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic has rested on a leadership of a King- it was a message passed on during the Prime Minister’s address to the General Debate of the United Nations. Explaining the context, he said Bhutan saw a King who led by science and wisdom on one hand and care and compassion on the other.

The Prime Minister said while countries were juggling between survival and livelihood amid the pandemic, Bhutan sailed through swiftly because of His Majesty The King’s various initiatives.

“When COVID crisis unfolded, for Bhutan we uncovered the true essence of our King’s leadership. In him, we saw a son who assured that the old and the vulnerable people were protected from the infection. In him, we saw a brother who travelled tirelessly throughout the country uplifting the spirits of the front liners and working alongside to protect the people. In His Majesty, we saw a parent who ensured the livelihoods of all those affected. The supports ranged from emotional to cash to food,” said Dr Lotay Tshering, the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said the pandemic underscored the importance of investing in health besides uncovering the weaknesses and potentials of many nations.

“The nomenclature of SARS COVID 2 and COVID 19 clearly indicates that there will be successive outbreaks of infectious diseases. It is a matter of when. I mean nobody knows where SARS COVID 3 is getting incubated. Therefore, our focus on building back better can never be good if we don’t emphasize health and quality of health care that must be easily accessible and affordable by everyone. We must also be mindful that immediate disease outbreak could be potentially from the pandemic induced starvation and poverty,” Lyonchhen added.

The Prime Minister also highlighted that one of the biggest challenges besides the pandemic is climate change that has tested the resilience of the food grown and the patience of the growers. He said it’s time that global leaders come together and take urgent action to combat climate change.

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