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Water project in Guma Gewog completes

Sep 25, 2021

Celebrating a significant milestone in the De-suung National Service Water Project, the Pilot Project in Guma Gewog in Punakha was inaugurated on 25 September 2021.

Her Royal Highness Princess Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck graced the occasion as the chief guest, joined by the people of 5 chiwogs of Guma Gewog, De-Suups and officials to inaugurate the water scheme and mark the handing over of the project to the local government.

Launched on 11 November 2020, the Guma Project was the first De-Suung National Service Water Project undertaken by De-Suung volunteers.

This was inspired by the Royal Address of His Majesty The King to the nation on 12 September 2020, calling on our youth to engage meaningfully in the process of nation building amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main ways highlighted during the Royal Address was the potential for the youth to develop water projects considering the importance of safe and reliable drinking water for the people and the nation.

Over 70 De-Suups stepped forward to volunteer for the first water project that would serve Phulingsoom, Changyul Thara Tashijong, and Docha Ritsa chiwogs under Guma Gewog in Punakha. The beneficiaries currently include 225 households with a population of 1945 people. The design capacity includes provisions for an additional population of 1250 in the future.

While transforming the lives of the villagers by providing access to safe and reliable drinking water, the De-Suups gained valuable technical experience in the design, construction, and supervision of a fairly complex construction project. De-Suups were trained in mechanised construction methods and also introduced to higher quality construction standards.

It was the first time for most young De-Suups to undertake such physically demanding work especially in challenging circumstances like thick forests, leech-infested swamps and precarious ledges in the summer heat and monsoon rains.

Captain Tshering Dorji, the officer-in-charge, commended the dedication, enthusiasm, and espirt de corps of the volunteers, which instilled immense energy on a regular basis. He said that the stamina of the De-Suups to undertake and complete a big project spanning over 10 months inspired all other people engaged in the project to work even harder.

The De-suups shared that the immense gratitude of the local people reflected in their smiles and happiness, continued to motivate them throughout. Many villagers came forward to share stories of the perennial water problems they faced and the difference the national service project would make in their lives.

“Water which is one of the biggest issues for us is now solved.  of drinking water has been solved now under the benevolence Kidu of His Majesty the King. I got a water tap right in front of my house without having to working once or spend anything. Earlier, we used to depend on Mochhu only,” said Namgay Tshering, a resident of Dochhukha-Dzomlingthang-Ritsa in Guma Gewog.

“I always pray for His Majesty’s long life. I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to His Majesty The King for granting us Kidu in many ways. I am praying that I be reborn under the reign of His Majesty’s leadership even in the next life,”  said Rinzin Gyem, another resident of Dochhukha-Dzomlingthang-Ritsa chiwog.

Since 11 November 2020, the De-Suung National Service has undertaken 25 projects across the nation. Thus far, 12 projects have been completed and handed over to local governments and communities. Others are in various stages of completion.

Inspired by a powerful Royal vision, the youth stepped forward, shouldered their responsibilities, and delivered what many would have considered impossible a year ago.

As we celebrate the completion of the Guma Water Project led by the De-Suups, we also celebrate the capabilities and potential of our youth to undertake even more challenging projects in the country, and build our nation despite all the limitations posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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