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A promising future for youngest national batswoman

Sep 20, 2021

She fell in love with the game at a young age. She dreamt of becoming a professional cricketer. And today, passion with a good portion of optimism has put Ngawang Choden well on track to living her dreams. She is the youngest and a key player in the women’s national cricket team as our reporter Tshering Dendup shares Ngawang’s story.

It all started five years ago. Ngawang was just nine years old when she discovered her calling – cricket. After that, there has been no looking back for the left-handed batswoman.

“When I started playing cricket, I did not hope for anything big. But gradually, I started seeing some scope and got into the national team. That’s when I was convinced of a bright future in the sport,” says Ngawang.

Ngawang was selected for the national team two years ago. Her dedication to the sport is testified by her decision to drop out of school for a year. She wants to prepare hard for the ICC Women’s Asia Qualifiers, which will be held in Malaysia in November.

“I felt that continuing both studies and cricket practice sessions would ultimately hamper my studies. I have to train every evening. So I informed my parents about my decision and they were very supportive.”

Ngawang says she is stressed and anxious about the upcoming tournament. At the same time, she is optimistic of qualifying for the next round. “Sometimes, I worry how I can perform in such international tournaments. But my seniors support and guide me well. So, I feel we will qualify for the next round. Everyone is positive and giving their best.”

Kumar Subba, the current assistant coach of the women’s national team, has been one of the significant figures in Ngawang’s cricketing career. He feels that Ngawang could become one of the biggest names in the sport.

“She is very smart and has the maturity to think that she has to be there till the end of the inning. The best thing about her is that. If she continues to be like this, she will be a star someday. Our future star. She is the youngest, she has the capabilities, and she is very hardworking too. We don’t pressurize her much because she is the youngest and we let her play freely,” said the assistant coach.

For Ngawang’s senior colleagues and friends, they hope that she continues playing cricket with the same passion and enthusiasm.

“She was only 11 years old when we first met. Since then, she has improved a lot. If she puts in a little more effort, I feel she will do even better. Since she is a left-handed batsman, there is an advantage,” said Tshering Zangmo, a cricketer with the Women’s National Cricket Team.

According to the Bhutan Cricket Council Board, Ngawang is a role model to many youth aspiring to become professional sportsperson.

Meanwhile for Ngawang, she has found happiness and a purpose in life through the love for cricket. And if the passion continues, it may not be long before she hits boundaries not just within the country but beyond too.

Tshering Dendup 

Edited by Sonam Wangdi

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