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Wild dog attacks on cattle becoming rampant in Tsento Gewog, Paro

Sep 14, 2021

Wild dogs are becoming a nuisance for farmers. After the people of Wangdue Phodrang, now it is the farmers in Paro who are complaining of the canines attacking their cattle. A pack of wild dogs reportedly killed about 20 cattle in Tsento Gewog in the last two weeks. 

Among many who lost their cattle to wild dogs attack is 70-year-old Tshewang Dema from Tsento Gewog. She said the wild dogs killed all her cattle. “I have three cows and the dogs killed them all at the same time. We heard the cows bellowing and rushed to the site, but by then, they were already killed. We release our cattle in the morning for grazing and they return by evening. But that day, all my cows were killed, including a pregnant one.”

“If I had sold the cow, it would have fetched me at least Nu 15,000. Unfortunately, I lost it to the dogs. I didn’t even see its carcass. All I could collect was some small pieces of its head. I still have about eight cows that I am keeping a close watch on,” said Chencho Ngidup, another farmer from Tsento Gewog.

“Last year, I lost a horse and two cows to the dogs. I informed the relevant offices but we didn’t get any support. We will be able to let the cattle graze freely only if relevant offices could do something with the predators,” said Yeshi Lhamo, another resident of Tsento Gewog.

The gewog’s livestock office has received complaints from three villages so far. According to the extension officer, the office is compiling a report of the number of cattle lost to wild dogs. It will be forwarded to the relevant agencies. However, the official says the chances of getting compensation are less likely. Wild dogs are not listed as protected animals. As per the law, the government only compensates properties and lives lost to protected animals such as tigers.

Meanwhile, with attacks on cattle becoming rampant, the people of Tsento Gewog are also worried about their safety from the wild predator.

Namgay Wangchuk, Paro

Edited by Sonam Wangdi

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