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Ice cream manufacturing unit to come to the rescue of dairy farmers in Gelegphu

Sep 1, 2021

Dairy farmers in Gelegphu are looking forward to an ongoing construction of an ice cream manufacturing unit at Shetikhari. The unit is some four kilometers away from Gelegphu town. It is expected to help farmers help sell their milk.

Gelegphu Om Detshen or the milk group came to the rescue of the dairy farmers struggling to find market some three years ago. But today, the group members are struggling to market their surplus milk. The demand for milk has decreased amid the pandemic.

“The milk production increases at this time of the year. When we supply the surplus milk to milk group, they refuse to accept our surplus milk due to less customers. We have high hopes from the ongoing construction of the ice cream manufacturing unit,” said Pavitra Nepal, a dairy farmer.

“Like in the past milk don’t get sold and most people are concerned of not finding the market for their milk as the feed price has gone up to 1500 Ngultrum,” said Ganga Maya, another dairy farmer.

Once complete, the ice cream manufacturing unit plans to collect milk from the group. The Indian government is funding the construction of the unit worth Nu 7.6 M.

The construction is expected to be ready by this month.

Karma Wangdi, Sarpang

Edited by Sonam Pem

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