Encouraging the use of the Intellectual Property protection system

The concept of intellectual property is still new to most Bhutanese and so is its popularity. The Department of Intellectual Property is in its budding stage with so many rooms for strengthening its service. According to the Intellectual Property Resource and Management Diagnostic Report 2021, which was launched on Monday, the department can adopt better regulatory practices to improve service delivery.

The report, which is the first of its kind, focuses on identifying existing gaps along with a set of recommendations that will now serve as an action plan information tool to stimulate the growth of the Department. The World Intellectual Property Organization developed the report in collaboration with the Department of Intellectual Property of the economic affairs ministry. The report recommends developing human resources according to the competency framework of the Royal Civil Service Commission and to provide intellectual property training by engaging the international organization.

“The study identifies where we are running short. It supports and complements the efforts of the RCSC towards a greater fulfilment of our objectives in terms of the optimum use of the human resources as well as in furthering the training needs of the department,” said Kinley T Wangchuk, the Director General of the Department of Intellectual Property.

Through the report, the Department will work upon getting certified through ISO 9001, which is the world’s most recognised quality management system standard that aims to help organisations meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders more effectively.

“We felt this is one area where we can take up immediately. Because I think Bhutan Standard Bureau has a well set of trained people to begin this process,” the Director General added.

The Department aims to use the report as a long-term means to reflect on the existing roles and add clarity towards gaining proficiency to foster innovation and creativity.

Kelzang Choden

Edited by Sonam

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