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Comprehensive School Discipline Policy in action

Jul 27, 2012

Two students of Bumthang Dzongkhag were suspended before the term break, following discipline problems in the school. According to school authorities the action was taken in line with the new comprehensive school discipline policy, although still in its draft form.

The comprehensive school discipline policy was drafted in consultation with the principals of the Dzongkhag in May this year.

The Dzongkhag Education Officer said Bumthang Dzongkhag has already implemented the policy.

The disciplinary offences are categorized into three levels. The minor or the 1st category includes petty theft, negative peer pressure, harassment and disrespectful behavior among others.

The offences under the 2nd category include misbehavior with the teachers and staff, defamation, dishonesty and possession of harmful substances among others.

Severe violation of the school rules like possession of harmful weapons, malpractice in exams, substance abuse, battery, assault and forgery would fall under the 3rd category.

The Dzongkhag Education Officer explains the punishment in various categories. “In the 1st level”, he says, “we just give counseling and guidance to the students and notification to the parents.

“In the 2nd level sometimes if the case is severe then we suspend them and the suspension ranges from 1 to 12 days. In the 3rd level when we expel them that’s the last resort whereby the child will not be allowed to study in any schools in Bhutan,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Principal of Jakar Higher Secondary school, Pema Chhoedup, said such polices have brought positive impact in the school. This has also brought in positive consciousness in the students to remain alert and away from troubles.

“They (students) now think that it is not as easy as it use to be before for violating the rules of the school and getting away easily. Now with the uniform discipline policy in schools in all the Dzongkhags- this has also streamlined the school as a whole on how to be fair and just in dealing with certain problems, example a fight in the school,” said the Principal.

The Principal also said that the response so far from the students is positive.

“Just because of this new discipline coming in, students are alerted.  They know about certain degree of offences and the consequences.”

Education Minister’s view on the policy

Speaking on this issue during the Meet the Press yesterday, Education Minister, Thakur Singh Powdyel, said it is not a new thing.  “What we have done in the recent past is review and implement those policies. The only change that has happened in the recent past is a student who has committed an offence of criminal nature would not be admitted into another school, once expelled from one school. This is the only change.”

Lyonpo added what’s good about the Comprehensive School Discipline Policy is that a large number of parents and students who are serious about the studies are happy. Lyonpo said during his visit to the schools, students told him that increasing indiscipline in schools could be because there is nothing to fear about.

The Education Minister also added that people wanted much tougher sanctions but they thought it was not fair.  The current one is softer version of the policy. Lyonpo said that the team from ministry had extensive consultations in all the 20 Dzongkhags. “It was a collective effort put together to frame broad guidelines, leaving the schools to follow the guidelines and frame their own rules.”

2 Comments for “Comprehensive School Discipline Policy in action”

  1. Isaac

    This is one good measure but this days it seems like some teachers are also out of line sometimes. Is there any right of student if he/she is being supressed or mistreated by teachers?
    Last time one of teacher from nganglam dungkhang bang student ‘s head on wall/table (if I’m not mistaken), what about such cases? Has Eduacation misnister considered such cases and what are the measures taken? In my view, indeed that incident spoke alot about quality of education.

    No offence to anyone. This is just a question arising in mind and my views.

  2. bhutei

    Lyonpo said during his visit to the schools, students told him that increasing indiscipline in schools could be because there is nothing to fear about.
    Going by the comments from the Education above sends a very clear message that students in Bhutan actually like to have fear instilled in them and that’s why the comprehensive school discipline is being implemented.

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