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Gelephu Thromde to implement waste management rule

Jul 25, 2012

The Gelephu Thromde will be implementing the waste management and prevention rules and regulations from August 1. Anybody found littering the town will be imposed fine.

Gelephu Thromde will be deploying three inspectors and a town supervisor along with other officials to monitor the town area. The Thromde’s Executive Secretary, Harka S. Tamang, said if the four people deployed are not enough, they will recruit more. “If we cannot cope up, we have to strengthen ourselves, institutionally capacity building has to be built, and more people recruited if required”

He added that they have been planning till date to ensure that the implementation does not fail. “But that is something we will have to wait and watch.”

With about just a week left for the Gelephu Thromde to implement the rules, residents said they welcome the initiative. They said they are aware of the rule, and added that, it will deter people from littering the town.

Some vegetable vendors expressed concern that it will be difficult to keep track of every individual littering the vegetable market shed. They said in that case they might land up paying the fine.

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