De-Suung National Service Water Project benefits Khar village in Pema Gatshel

De-Suung National Service Water project has been a blessing for many. One of the many villages reaping the benefits is Khar in Pema Gatshel. More than 60 households will now get a continuous water supply. The project was handed over to the people recently.

The works and human settlement ministry with the help of 62 desuup volunteers executed the project which is more than seven kilometres. People are all smiles with the project’s completion.

“With the water supply, people can now cultivate more vegetables around their houses. Moreover, the gewog administration has formed a vegetable group in Khar,” said Ngajay Dorji, the Khar Gup.

“Now, we are anticipating reaping a bountiful harvest of vegetables and fruits. For us, water is like a jewel. If we have enough water, we can do whatever we want. I hope there won’t be any health problems henceforth,” said Dechen Zangmo, Khar-Yagyur Tshogpa.

The water project is expected to encourage people to cultivate vegetables. But they are advised to store water so that the water supply for other households is not disrupted.

“If I keep the taps on for long hours, the households below my settlement may not get enough water. I want to request people to store water by constructing tanks near the taps. This way, they can store water during the night and use it to cultivate vegetables,” said Cheten Namgyel, a caretaker.

“We have allocated some budget for the drinking water. The current water supply that we have received was from the water flagship programme. Soon we will meet with the people and discuss how the water supply can be used efficiently. And we will also see how much budget should be allocated for the matter,” said Ngajay Dorji.

The Khar water project is the second project in the district. The project benefits around 300 people in the community. The government spent nearly Nu 4 M on the project.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Sonam Pem

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