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A special committee for land related issues?

Jun 28, 2012

The Poverty Reduction Committee of the National Assembly submitted a resolution to institute a special committee to review the land related issues in the Assembly, yesterday.

The special committee will carry out a detailed review of land related issues in the country. The special committee will also review and look into the land related cases which are with the Anti-Corruption Commission, stated the committee’s proposal to the Assembly. It also stated that the special committee will carry out the study as per His Majesty’s recent Kasho.

Some members supported the proposal and said there are lots of issues related to land in the country. They cited an example of some people who are yet to receive land compensation after their land was acquired by the government for development activities.

But some MPs voiced their reservations saying coming up with a special committee would indicate a loss of confidence and in other institutions like the National Land Commission and Anti-Corruption Commission.

“We are left with just eight to nine months. To submit the land report in the next session means the committee will have to carry out the works in next two to three months, which is impossible.  There is a need to do a detailed study, which we won’t be able to carry out within these limited time,” said the health minister, Zangley Dukpa.

The Opposition Leader, Tshering Tobgay, said rather than setting up a special committee, the National Assembly should ask the Land Commission to submit a report to the parliament regarding the land issues.

“If in case we are not satisfied with the report and the content and if we feel more work needs to be done, then we should ask the Royal Audit Authority to carry out a performance audit by endorsing it in the parliament.” He said if ACC, RAA and the Land Commission carry out the work, there is no need for a special committee.

The National Assembly after an extensive deliberation decided that they will not have a special committee for a time being.

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