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Should BBS be privatised?

Jun 27, 2012

The National Assembly yesterday deliberated if Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) should be privatised. BBS, the only public broadcaster in the country, is one of the highest subsidy recipient corporations of the Government.

The Kabji-Talo MP, Tshering Penjore said the second channel of BBS has led to increased expenditure which has in turn  has increased the subsidy amount to be given by the government. “Channel two has come up and since it has to air programmes daily, I think expenditure incurred is as good as the cost of satellites equipment. If privatised, it would be convenient for BBS in terms of managing the office.”

He said the government could use the money provided as subsidies for other development activities.

The Labor Minister, Dorji Wangdi, said in a democratic set up, media plays a crucial role of informing people. “BBS has and is doing a good job. If the Government privatises BBS or reduce subsidy, it might affect the quality of news.” He said if media are not financially sound, there will not be a proper dissemination of information which will affect the democratic procedures in the country.

The Trongsa MP, Rinchen Dorji, also said the Government should provide financial support to BBS and not privatise it. “BBS get revenues only from a few advertisement and announcement. It provides education to the people for example on prevention of diseases, on religion and culture.”

The Finance Minister, Wangdi Norbu, said BBS is not a profit-making corporation but has a crucial responsibility of disseminating information to the public.

3 Comments for “Should BBS be privatised?”

  1. yangzom

    ofcourse it should be privatized, if it is loss making then there is no using running it…. similarly, druk air should be pvted too….. the MD’s just get their salary and other incentives.

  2. dorji

    if BBS has been privatize then MP tshering Penjor has been no more as MP of talo. hahahahaha

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    I think everyone of Bhutanese citizen should understand the root of politic. So BBS is the one who can preserve the clean democracy and topmost protect the country’s heritage and traditions so as by being public broadcasting service. If privatize one should think whether to go for in the interest of public or money making. Very example yes i do agree that bbs required huge amount of financial support from the government but at the same time bbs dose make money in terms of awareness.

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