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Thangyul- the last village in Nubi Gewog to get road connection, Trongsa

Mar 1, 2021

Thangyul, a village located in the northwest highlands of Trongsa is finally connected with a farm road. It was under construction since February last year. With this, the villagers are dreaming big.

Thangyul is the last village in Nubi Gewog to get connected with a farm road. It has 11 households. As highlanders, people there depend on livestock farming for livelihood. They also grow a variety of crops.

“Without a road, we are not able to market our farm products. Life is more challenging when we live in a remote village and depend on livestock. However, now things will change. We will take up other agricultural works,” said Tshering Pelzom, a farmer from Thangyul.

“In the past, people without horses carried goods on their backs till the village. Life was difficult then. But with access to a road, we are relieved. We hope our village will start developing like others,” added Zam.

They say transporting goods from and to the village was the biggest challenge. They had to depend on horses or yaks.

For now, resoling and levelling wherever necessary along the four-kilometre stretch are underway. The works are expected to be complete within a month.

“Since the road is newly constructed, I think it will be difficult for all vehicles to use it. Here, whenever it rains, the place becomes marshy. We would be grateful if the road is made useable throughout the year. There is a need for a proper base and drainage system,” said Zongchu, from Thangyul.

According to district officials, the construction of a drainage system and protection walls, and levelling the road with a more durable base are in the pipeline. Thangyul is located about 35 kilometres away from Trongsa town.

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