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Bypass road between Wangdue and Dagana to reduce travel time and boost income for farmers

Feb 23, 2021

The travel time between Wangdue Phodrang and Dagana is expected to reduce by two hours within a year. This is because there will be a bypass road between the two Dzongkhags. The construction of the 25-kilometre road began from Kamina-Wogyal chiwog in Wangdue Phodrang on February 19.

The bypass road construction starts from Wogyalna village. The Minister for Works and Human Settlement inaugurated the construction.

With the bypass, the distance will be shortened by almost 35-kilometres. The road is expected to boost the income of the farmers and improve the livelihoods.

“Besides benefiting the people of Dagana, this road will also benefit the people of Kamina-Wogyal chiwog. There is a farm road to Wogyalna village. However, Kamina village is not connected with road. Kamina is a remote village in the Dzongkhag and after connecting this road, it will immensely benefit the people of the village,” said Sonam Jamtsho, the Wangdue Phodrang Dzongdag.

“Once the road is connected, Kamina-Wogyal will no longer be a remote place like today,” said the Minister of Works and Human Settlement, Dorji Tshering.

“Firstly, the road will help in strengthening the relationship and cooperation between the two Dzongkhags. Secondly, it can enhance the development activities in remote villages of Kamina-Wogyal and Tseza Gewog,” said Nado, the Gup of Darkar in Wangdue Phodrang.

“Currently, we have a problem with transporting vegetables. We are being able to sell only half of our vegetables,” said Passang from Kamina-Wogyal chiwog.

“People are saying that they can sell their fruits and vegetables from their doorstep itself,” said Dorji, the Tshogpa of Kamina-Wogyal.

The road is funded by the government at a cost of over Nu 36 M.

The Dzongkhag Administrations will meet once every month to discuss the works progress.

ChangaDorji, Wangdue Phodrang

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