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North and South Mega Zones in Thimphu declared as Green Zones

Jan 27, 2021

Life is returning to normal for the residents of Thimphu. With no one testing positive for Coronavirus, South and North Mega Zones are now declared Green Zones. Businesses have resumed in these two zones beginning today following an official announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Business owners in these two Mega Zones re-opened their shops after taking a hard financial loss from the lockdown.

“It was tough this time with the lockdown extended for more than a month, unlike the first nationwide lockdown. We had to keep our shop closed for more than a month. Barbershop is the only source of income for my family. Usually, I use to earn at least Nu 40,000 in a month. But I am glad that I can open the shop now,” said Ashok Rai, a barber.

“We get enough customers as they are not allowed to go to the main town. But this will change when the lockdown is lifted completely. We would prefer the lockdown being completely lifted. We can go and get vegetable supplies from our dealers at our convenience,” said a businesswoman, Dorji Zam.

But they are required to close by 5 pm.

Movement of light vehicles including taxis is also allowed within the two green zones. But it is allowed only on a rotational basis between the odd and even-numbered vehicles. Today, the odd-numbered vehicles were allowed.

However, the reopening is not for the owners of entertainment centres including night clubs, drayangs and karaokes.

Meanwhile, mass testing is on-going for the residents of Central 1 (C 1) and Central 2 (C 2) Mega Zones. It will be completed by tomorrow.

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