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DNT’s Dawa assures timely completion of pledges, Chhoekhor_Tang bye-election

Nov 21, 2020

Following his landslide victory, Chhoekhor_Tang’s National Assembly MP-elect Dawa says he will ensure the pledges of recruiting four specialists at Wangduecholing and blacktopping three farm roads are done at the earliest possible as promised during the campaign. He also says people can vote him out in the next election if his party fails to fulfil the pledges. 

With the National Assembly seat secured, Dawa is finishing off the remaining election-related paperwork at Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s office in Chamkhar before leaving for Thimphu. He says his win in this election could set the tone for DNT in the 2023 National Assembly elections if the government achieves all the major pledges made during the campaign.

“I think people are now aware of how a democratically elected government functions and which party would benefit them more. I think the practice of loyalty towards one party by the voters isn’t a wise standpoint in a democracy. So, people need not have to support DNT in the next election if we don’t deliver what we’ve promised,” said Dawa, the National Assembly MP-Elect from Chhoekhor_Tang in Bumthang.

Going by this election’s result, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s grip on Chhoekhor_Tang voters is slowly weakening according to voters. Most say it is the candidate and not the party-loyalty that matters when choosing a representative for them.

“Dawa was the ruling party’s candidate, so people felt his party had more to offer in terms of pledges and saw a more realistic chance of fulfilling them. However, that doesn’t mean the DPT candidate was incompetent but people must have thought the ruling party had the upper hand in terms of fulfilling the pledges,” said Tashi, from Kenchosum under Chhoekhor in Bumthang.

“People voted for Dr Pema Gyamtsho in the past thinking he would become the Prime Minister if DPT wins the majority. Moreover, he was highly qualified and capable. This time, Dawa was the obvious option going by his competence and by the assurance he gave to the voters on fulfilling the pledges,” said Tshewang Lhamo, from Tamzhing under Chhoekhor.

Dawa says his first undertaking as Chhoekhor_Tang’s MP would be working towards fulfilling the pledges on time.

“Firstly, the Prime Minister declared the pledges himself along with the datelines, so I have no doubt whatsoever. What I have heard is that the government already has everything ready and instructed me to assert the pledges. So, I am very confident that the pledge-based activities would be carried out soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, DPT’s Tenzin Norbu says DNT’s narrative of the difference between the ruling and opposition parties during the campaign could have turned the tide.

“The talk on the difference between the ruling and opposition parties was widespread during this election, so people must have chosen the ruling party’s candidate thinking the government party has an uncontested privilege to fulfil all the pledges,” he shared.

With Dawa confirmed as the new representative for Chhoekhor_Tang in the National Assembly, people are awaiting blacktopped farm roads and four specialists as early as January next year as promised.


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