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Buddhist texts digitalised

Jun 7, 2012

It took about eight years for Dr. Karma Phuntsho to digitalise Buddhist literatures, histories, biographies and other religious texts. Dr Karma Phuntsho, a research associates with Cambridge University, has archived over three million pages of literatures using a cannon camera, in over 9,000 Gigabytes.

The archive contains of Buddhist scriptures, history, poetry, biographies, rituals and other religious texts. The digital archive was handed over to the home and culture affairs minister today. It will be kept in the national library of Bhutan.

Dr. Karma Phuntsho added that a copy will also be deposited in British library for preservation purpose.

The endangered archives programme in British library and Cambridge University had funded the project.

5 Comments for “Buddhist texts digitalised”

  1. Sonam Gyamtsho

    Dr. Karma Phuntsho has done a commendable job to preserve the rich Buddhist texts digitally for future generations.

  2. ugyen

    Good work Dr. Priceless!!!

  3. Thinley Wangchhuk

    Dr. Karma Phuntsho has done big job making all the bhuddhist texts digitalised and backing up the things too, so you are the real man who really works for the future generations.

  4. Pema Tshewang, RIM, Simtokha

    Good job done……appreciated………it would be far better if MoHCA could share them and make them available online la. so that everybody has an access to them…..just a simple view la…..

  5. Lote

    @ Pema Tshewang, making online would involve a copy right issues.

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