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Road widening works leave more than 18 households without drinking water, Monggar

Oct 17, 2020

The residents of Pekchurung in Monggar Gewog are alleging that the road widening works around the Monggar town damaged their water pipes. Now more than 18 households in the village are facing drinking water problem for about a week. 

56-year old Sigay has a poultry farm. Due to lack of water, Sigay claimed to have lost 24 birds on Sunday. The very next day, he along with some villagers appealed to the gewog administration and the Issup Construction Company to look into the matter.

“We have been continuously facing drinking water problem. For us, we can manage but it’s difficult to manage water for my poultry farm. An engineer from the construction company said that we have to wait for more than a week to restore our drinking water,” said Sigay, from Pekchurung under Monggar Gewog in Monggar.

Residents now fetch water from the nearby private water lines.

“We never faced such a problem. Due to road widening works, machines damaged our water pipes. And now it has been almost five days that we are facing acute drinking water problem. Without enough water, our vegetables are drying. We have to manage almost five jerry cans of water for cooking every day,” said Sonam Yangzom, also from Pekchurung.

“There is also no other water source nearby. We have only a small amount of water being distributed from the private line and it is not sufficient,” added Choetenla.

The construction company admitted that the work disrupted the water supply. The gewog asked the company to restore the water supply on Monday.

But an engineer with the company said it would take more than two weeks since they have to complete other works along the road like constructing retention walls.

Sonam Tshering

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