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NC19TF yet to issue instructions for zone declaration of the DANTAK containment area, Phuentshogling

Oct 17, 2020

The National COVID-19 Taskforce is yet to issue instructions for zone declaration of the DANTAK containment area in Phuentshogling which was declared a Red Zone since September 3. The surveillance team of the Health Ministry conducted tests in the area last week and found out that there are no new positive cases in the area.

Health Minister Dechen Wangmo shared that the ministry has submitted its recommendation to the national task force for the zone declaration of the DANTAK containment area which reported 51 cases of COVID-19 so far.

“As of now, the National Taskforce could not be met as both Lyonchhen and Chiefs of the Armed forces, to some extents, were out, so it was only me and the Foreign Minister so we couldn’t meet the quorum. So it is still pending. Hopefully, we should be able to meet now and then be able to send the instructions,” Lyonpo said.

In addition, the Minister shared that the areas along the southern borders will continue to remain a high risk as the ministry could not come to a conclusion about the situation there. Phuentshogling which is a high-risk zone reported 137 positive cases of coronavirus so far.

“But along the Southern borders we are still not able to come to that conclusion because the biggest risk is the 700 kilometres of a porous border, the interaction since we still have trade, we have to continue the lifeline of the country’s economy because it is through these trade routes. So they will still have the potentiality of an outbreak there. So that is why it is very difficult for us to come to a conclusion,” Lyonpo added.

Meanwhile, Lyonpo shared the ministry’s surveillance mechanism found the situation in the rests of the country as fairly good without any cases of community transmission so far. The surveillance team has been screening frontline workers, health workers and individuals visiting the flu clinics to rule out the virus. The minister said it is the public compliance to COVID-19 public health interventions that led to the confidence that there is no local transmission so far in areas other than high-risk zones.

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