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Thromde blames lack of support from Olakha workshop owners for the poor state of the area

Jul 14, 2020

If the narrow roads in Olakha Workshops are filled with vehicle scraps and drains are clogged due to small illegal structures, Thrompon says it is because workshop owners have failed to implement the rules and regulations put in place by Thromde Tshogde.

Thimphu Thromde invested around Nu 20 M in repairing the roads and drains in the area. Despite the huge amount of money invested in the Olakha workshop, the area continues to face traffic congestions, poor road conditions and stinking drains.

In a recent BBS report on the poor state of the workshop area, the Automobile Sector Association of Bhutan had blamed the Thromde office for not taking any initiatives in resolving the pertinent issues.

However, Thromde stands by its claim that the lack of support from workshop owners has led to all the problems in the area.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said, “We have invested huge amount and made the area clean. They are not supposed to keep vehicle scarps by the roadside for more than 3 months and if they fail to collect it, Thromde was supposed to take it. It’s all in the rules but we couldn’t implement it. This is because we didn’t have support from them. We need support.”

Thromde said there are several small structures constructed in between the workshops that are blocking the drains and making it difficult to carry out cleaning work. “Of what I understand, small houses have been constructed above these drains and it is not the fault of the house owners. People who have rented workshops have constructed the house. If it is illegal we will demolish it and ask them to reconstruct the house in accordance with rules. Otherwise, we will not issue an occupancy certificate,” said the Thrompon.

With regard to the traffic congestion in the area, the Thrompon said “They have an association and if the executive members can discuss and seek help, we are ready. We have to inform Police and can even make it one way if it’s convenient. We have to monitor works from Ngabiphu till Changtagang. We have limited human resources. We cannot be everywhere.”

Until workshop owners and Thromde office bury their differences and work together, the issues in the workshop area are likely to remain unsolved.


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