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No vehicles in core Thimphu every Tuesday

May 31, 2012

With effect from June 5, coinciding with the World Environment Day this year, every Tuesdays will be observed as vehicle free day in core Thimphu area. The vehicle free day is mainly initiated to save environment, reduce traffic congestion, avoid the ever rising fuel price, and to control the major outflow of Rupee. It is also to encourage healthy living.

On an average Nu. 26 million is being spent every day on fuel. As per the recent national green house gas inventory submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, transport sector has been one of the major contributors to green house gas and projected to increase substantially every year.

The vehicle free day will apply to all types of vehicles except emergency services, passenger buses, vehicles of armed forces and bicycles.

The day will be observed every Tuesdays from morning 8am to 6 pm in the evening.

21 Comments for “No vehicles in core Thimphu every Tuesday”

  1. jig

    Why is the timing of the ” No vehicle Day” applicable from 8 to 6 pm, 6 pm is the time that most of the vehicle are around town for various reasons. They should have applied it atleast till 9 pm. I think they should review the timing.

  2. Sonamt

    Hahaha… Another ban. The answer is not in the idea as much as sticking to your guts… Dont worry! I give them a month at the most. When Ata Jigme and party becomes tired of this… It will revert to the same old routine. What MPs should do right now is nurse the sad mistake it made with the MacKinsey project. Yea… What better idea than to create another ban

  3. Chang

    How will vehicles needing to take longer routes to reach same destination save fuel n environment?

    • wow great insight …your view has great meaning in it..but definitely…who so have taken this horrible decission will never discove the meaning…i pity this sentiment…

  4. bhutan govt or rma should make good ideas to solve rupee crunch, closing indians a/cs or saving fuel will not save rupee but it will increase black marketing and increase problems to normal life people

  5. Lakeman

    First, reduce the number of cars (big cars) owned by big shots/ wealthy people and then it is fair to talk about environment. Just imposing high tax rates on lower income group for car imports, food costs and enforcing senseless ban on traffic on tuesdays will bring about many social inconveniences. trust me, the prodcutivity(due to low attendance) in offices will go down on these days. Everybody cannot afford to take a longer route, walk to/from office, conduct regular business, and take care of emergencies.

    Banning is not the answer. Sound advocacy and enhancing alternative facilities such as clean, frequent, reliable public transport is the need.

  6. lungdhar

    yes that’s good idea, vehicle free day is mainly initiated to save environment but what about Electric cars its 0 green house gas, if bicycles is yes why not electric cars laaa ?????………,

  7. Mike Holland

    Why not also exempt electric vehicles from the ban?

  8. Bemused

    Why only core Thimphu? I have my office in town and it is unfair I will be among only a few who will be affected. This vehicle-free tuesday should be OK if the law makers themselves walk to their office, which will be very unlikely!

    Lawmakers in Bhutan love coming up with laws which they themselves believe very little in.

  9. yangzom

    what is core areas? How will people go to office and where they will park their cars when some of the corporate and pvt offices are in core areas? Helicopter is allowed???

  10. Only on Tuesday! but why not from Monday to Friday if Bhutan really needs to save fuel, Rupee & environment. Ha ha this is crazy…I am up the creep without feet and puddle..

  11. choki

    another ban? God!

  12. Citizen

    Will be awaiting to hear when it finds some inconvenience and uplift this ban. Anyways, Good to hear for now.

  13. we do what others do….no doubt it will definitely fail…..every thing is banning in bhutan….i dont know why this is happening…..first came with spedometer by RSTA..which i feel is sheer waste of human resources..by placing all police everywhere…..i dont think people will drive to die….mishap happens if you are destined to do that..there are people who die while eating and it is not necessary to drive and then die….. know it has come where they are restricting vehicle movements in the town..next there wil be a order which say please sell all the cars…

    i dont know who is behind this act….he or she completely lacks sense to hold that chair…huh…i dont know where we are leading…by those leaders,,,,

  14. teegee

    I am OK with the NO VEHICLE DAY on every Tuesday starting 5th June 2012. But my mail concern is why from 8 am to 6 pm, why not from 6 am. if the timing is from 8 am, then most of the people will try to reach their destination before 8 am, like they will travel between 7 & 8 am which will indeed bring more trouble and road congestion, its more risky for the people who walk during rush hour.
    Besides this i am sure the taxi drivers will try to take advantage on these days by hiking the fare, so i guess there should be proper monitoring.
    This is just my view……

  15. dawa

    lets watch the cabinet ministers making their way via the street on foot n giv encouragement to the people n woe their support.A gud idea it is…Public’s agreement sud b given priority as OL tshering tobgay said.wil b a gud move afta the govt gain public’s agreement n support..

  16. yangzom

    what if we have to go to airport or pling or paro on tuesdays, can’t we go,,,, do we have to inform RSTA or RBP? Do we have to pay 1000 Nu or somewhat, if we want to use VIP pass, do they sell it? Are ministers or DPT or RSTA selling such pass quotas??

  17. Its really good idea for our people health and environment but how about Tourist vehicles as most of the hotels and sightseeing were located in the heart of Thimphu town.So i think traffic police official,National environment commission,Thimphu City Corporation and other counterpart should look into this matter seriously

  18. Thank you ABTO and TCB for following of issue on tourist vehicle now Tourist vehicle like coaster bus,Hiace bus,H1 are allowed to ply on every Tuesday but how about small tourist car like Santafee,Tucsion,Prado,Land cruiser etc.

  19. Citizen

    Tuesday really is an annoying day for the mothers who have to breast feed their babies and pregnant ladies who is of 7 to 9 months of pregnancy. Why can’t our government see the torture they have made on people? Richer ones can travel by taxi but what about the poor ones?… In other days they get lift in pvt vehicles but on Tuesday they have to walk with baby on their back in this sunny hot day. Who is going to sponsor them to hospital or anywhere? In my opinion government is not doing justice but torturing our people. If this rule is for health then they can do exercises by themselves not with rules. Please undo this rule.

  20. ON BEHALVES OF ALL LIKE MINDED BHUTANESE CITIZENS; All know so well that no vehicle movements on TUESDAY hampers so many important works and businesses in practical and
    that out weighs even the future risks involved.

    DEMOCRACY IN DIVERSITY? If so, how can “NO VEHICLE MOVEMENTS ON TUESDAYS” be applied Nation wide without people or demo’s or people’s consensuses? BBS must organize debate and then go by the majority. Where have MP’s gone? Hope these will be dealt soon.

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