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Bhutan Airlines proposes to suspend its services

May 28, 2012

With less than six months in operation Bhutan Airlines, the first private airline, have proposed the government to temporarily suspend its domestic air services.

Responding to this, the Minister for Information and Communications said the government is aware of the problems and their need to temporarily suspend its services.

“We said if you don’t have any passengers you need not fly. We don’t want to bear unwanted expenditure just for the sake of flying. I believe Tashi Air had not received a single booking for the past few weeks and for another one month. So they were not operating the flight for the past couple of weeks and next complete month,” said Nandalal Rai, Minister, MoIC.

Lyonpo Nandalal Rai said the suspension will be only temporary. “There is no question of withdrawal. They will have to recommence again. At the moment we are assessing the proposal as they are trying to start international air service. But right now due to financial situations we are still discussing about it.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the Airline refused to comment. The Bhutan Airlines started their service on 17th December 2011. They fly to Bumthang and Yongphula in Trashigang from Paro.

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  1. Tshering

    I sometimes wonder whether the domestic air service was a right investment or not. I see far more important areas than the domestic air service which require immediate attention but unfortunately is left just as it is due to lack of budget. This is yet another white elephant which consumed lots of resources.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if both the service providers pull out of the business in due course.

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