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Gelephu’s only crematorium in bad condition

May 27, 2012

The only crematorium in Gelephu, located in Sershong, is in bad condition. The people have no option but to use it. It has not been maintained for about eight years now. And nobody takes the responsibility to maintain the crematorium.

It was constructed in 1979. Our reporter, Pema Samdrup, says roofs are damaged, wooden beams and ceiling are on the verge of collapse. Sometimes the funeral ceremonies are disrupted by dripping rain water from the roof.

To make the matter worse, the place is littered with all kinds of waste.

The remains from the funeral pyres are just carelessly dumped beside the crematorium. The cloth pieces used for covering dead bodies and coffins are dumped along the Moa River.

Most people say that they don’t know who is responsible to clean or maintain the place. Once the purpose is served, nobody cares to clean the area.

5 Comments for “Gelephu’s only crematorium in bad condition”

  1. Rinxin

    This is our Good people’s Bad habit. They pretend to be good; but actually not at all. Otherwise this scene shouldn’t be seen. I think it costed money to construct such structure.

    “Our good and kind people’s habit needs to be improved a lot”.

  2. H.B.T. Subba

    We are in the opinion that it is time that the local govt. leaders like Geog Mondals, Kharbaris and Tsogpa/Chupons take responsibilities in taking care of such ignored facilities. Since such facilities are meant for the common community in their own village, all village people must be fixed with accountability and responsibilities sphere-headed by Mondals and Mangmis and village heads initiatively.

    Such irresponsibility must be stopped and be improved for the welfare of common goodness as we are kind hearted and religious people who is always praying for the goodness of sentient beings.

  3. SungJap

    Since this crematorium is meant for each and everybody of us who are going to die one day or the other, it should be treated with respect and be taken care by all of us. Like Subba says, our Gups and Mangapps and all village people must be responsible and accountable. Our Gups must tell our people to take care of it.

  4. Alarm Bell

    Our Geog Leaders and village heads must wake-up and do more through their initiatives and accountability as this facilities is for the Geog community. Irresponsibilities like this should not happen due to lack of initiatives and leadership quality in our village heads.

  5. Tamang Lama

    To all Sershong Geog People, lets start to respect and take care as this is our Common Home to go and rest there one day.

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