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OL is the PDP President

May 19, 2012

The People’s Democratic Party elected the Opposition Leader, Tshering Tobgay, as its President during the party’s second convention held in Thimphu today. He secured 131 votes out of 134 votes cast, using the Electronic Voting Machine. More than 150 members of PDP attended the meeting.

Officials from the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) were also present during the election to oversee the ballot.

While presenting the party status, the President said PDP has cleared-off 60 percent of its debt, amounting to Nu. 22 million. He said the remaining debt will be cleared-off before the deadline, which is June 30, 2012.

Tshering Tobgay said while some former PDP candidates have left the party, most have decided to stand for the upcoming election.

He also clarified that the former minister and the party president, Sangye Ngedup, will not be part of the Party.

Meanwhile, the PDP also presented their party ideology. The party re-submitted their party Logo, earlier designed in 2007 and rejected by the ECB.  It had a picture of a horse against a yellow background. The current logo has a white background. The party decided that the executive committee members will appeal to the ECB to make changes.

The convention formally endorsed Yogesh Tamang as the interim General Secretary and Sonam Wangyal as the youth co-ordinator.

Meanwhile, Gasa MP, Damchoe Dorji says they are expecting to win the election given the tremendous support the party has received. If not, he said, they are expecting to win at least 15 seats in the parliament.

14 Comments for “OL is the PDP President”

  1. It is regretting to know that Lyonpo Sangay Nidup is no more participating in the politics. We wish that he stands in 2013 election as a party president and PM candidate. He was the man who has proven to the people of this country that he can work hard to serve his kings, people and the country. Now with his departure we have missed a great man for the post of Prime Minister in the history of Bhutan. With his vacuum in his party, my guess is it is goin to be the same old story in 2013 as happened in 2008.

    We wish that he change his mind and come back in politics without fear of getting defeated.

  2. Tadin

    Mr/Mrs. Karma i strongly support your statement. The departure of him means we are missing one great man who will make difference and who had made once.
    He need to come back……………we(All the concern and responsible citizen of Bhutan ) lets wel- come him.

  3. Karkel

    PDP will surely get 15 seats this time…

  4. pema tashi

    yes PDPwill get more than 15 seats in parliament.

  5. I as the citizen of the country and I would like to say that we are indeed losing a great leader and we still support him and need the man like him.

  6. Tsangla

    Yes! i strongly support the above statements and i m confident that PDP will surely win the upcoming election 2013 PROVIDED Lyonpo Sangay Nidup make his way back to PARTY. If not also PDP will will just win not less then 15 seats.

  7. sherub

    it my persona point of view, actually PDP had wonderful candidate in 2008 than DPT. i wish all the past candidate of PDP join once more 2013 election. i hope PDP will win more than 40%.

  8. dawa

    I feel dat its a wrong notion of us the people of this kingdom to start voting by considering either the weaknes or strength of one member.Each candidate sud get his/her deserved no of votes n sudn’t b affected by the member of the same or dif party.PDP has if nt all sme unquestionable n abled candidates n PDP didnt deserve such a crush. therefore 2008 election result ws shocking.In the upcoming election PDP wil do beter n stil beter if lyonpo sangay ngedup returns bk…lets wish 4 THE RETURN OF LYONPO SANGAY NGEDUP…

  9. shatsa

    I am sorry to comment that PDP will win 15 seats in the coming election as stated by the Gasa MP. On one hand he says PDP will win at least 15 seats an on the other hand he announces that he will join another party if PDP does not make through the primary round. With such confidence, how the hell will PDP win 15 seats. He is one of the two who won the PDP seats in the last election and considered to be a capable person but if he announces such statements in the media, forget winning 15 seats, the PDP may not even get through the primary round. And with that the PDP will rest in peace like their former President. Cheers!

  10. sombeb

    PDP should come forward with more confidence. More pary in a preliminary round means people have more choice. Good wishes to PDP…

  11. Thrimpon

    we welcome back your excellency Lynpo Sangay Nigdup for next ellection 2013…we will support

  12. Karma Nidup

    Lynpo Sangay should come back for PDP and to ‘heat-up’ Bhutanese politics. He is the only hope if PDP wants to be in the government. As much respect I have for OL ST, he cannot be anywhere near to SN in the eyes of Bhutanese people.

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