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Poor orange yield concerns exporters in Gelegphu

Dec 11, 2019

Orange export season in Gelegphu normally starts from the beginning of November. However, this time the export of oranges to Bangladesh began from November  27. The exporters say the delay is due to poor yield compared to the past years. 

Even with the beginning of the orange export season, the Gelegphu Orange Export house wears a deserted look without much of sorting and packing happening at the moment. Only a few people are found working.

Exporters say there is hardly any flow of oranges from regions like Tsirang, Dagana and Zhemgang due to poor yield.

Singye from Dagana is one of the exporters. He brings oranges from Dagana to Gelegphu Export house. Last year he brought around 20 truckloads of oranges. But this year, he is expecting around three truckloads only.

“But this year due to less fruiting, I  could bring around only 3 truckloads of oranges.”

Exporters say the quality of the fruit this time is good but the prices have remained the same.

“During the time of the less fruiting season, the prices usually shoot up and we also expected the same. But this time they refuse to raise the price,” said Sangay, one of the exporters.

A box of orange fetches a minimum of 14 dollars today. The export continues till February but with no oranges, the business might have to close early this time.

Karma Wangdi 

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