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Dorji Lopen appoints a new Lam for Zhabjeythang

Dec 7, 2019

The Dorji Lopen appointed 55-year-old Ugyen Lhendup from Tseza Gewog in Dagana as the Lam of Zhabjeythang under Largyab Gewog in Dagana yesterday. He also administered Guru Dragmar Tshokhor and Guru Dragmar blessing to almost 500 devotees from the nearby areas.

Lam Ugyen Lhendup joined the monkhood at eight and prior to the appointment, he had served as Tshochen Lam in Dagana Rabdey.

Largyab Gewog already has a lam in the gewog, however, the locals of Thasa and Tachey under the gewog appealed to the relevant offices for a need of a Lam at Zhabjeythang. Zhabjeythang is considered as one of the Guru Rinpoche’s sacred places, located just below the majestic Tha Nam Khai Dzong otherwise known as sky fortress which is also a sacred place of Guru.

Largyab Lam couldn’t be available to render the religious services because the gewog is located some 5-6 hours from Zhabjeythang. Moreover, places like Tha Nam Khai Dzong and Zhabjeythang are very sacred. Therefore on special occasions to perform Tshokhor and offerings we saw a need for a permanent Lam here. We discussed this thoroughly in the Rabdey and then got approval from the Zhung Dratshang,” said Tshering, the Lam Neten of Dagana Rabdey.

Meanwhile, the Dorji Lopen visited the top of the hill from where a hanging bell (Choedre) can be seen from a cliff and performed the ritual of cleansing (thrusel). Legend has it that on special occasions and if the visitors are lucky, one can hear the sound of the bell ringing.

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