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Former Mr Bhutan to play a pivotal role in Bollywood’s ‘Radhe’

Dec 2, 2019

Sangay Tsheltrim, the former Mr Bhutan turned actor, will be making his debut in Bollywood soon in the movie titled “Radhe” produced by Salman Khan Films. The thirty-seven-year-old will be acting alongside Salman Khan.

He describes the venture as a matter of sheer luck and believes that the door to Bollywood is opened to all Bhutanese actors and enthusiasts. ‘The harder one works, the luckier one gets’ belief has become a reality for the Bhutanese actor. It was last year when Sangay went to India with a small hope to meet Salman Khan, and after waiting for hours, he managed to meet his idol at the ongoing shoot of a movie. According to Sangay, they had a conversation which led to the film star casting him in his movie.

“Honestly, I did not get this opportunity based on talent or skills. It was because I was fortunate and lucky I got to meet him. I sensed that he liked me and saw something in me and provided me with the opportunity. A lot of people may think I would have just a tiny role to play in the movie but no. I have a very important or pivotal role to play in it. I will be seen in the movie for the entire duration. I cannot reveal the role right now because I am bound by the contract where I am not allowed to share anything,” said Sangay Tsheltrim.

Prior to the fan meeting, he was already collaborating with smaller Bollywood industries and even made the first-ever Indo-Bhutan film titled “Singye”. His passion and interest to get into Bollywood further grew after interacting with people from Bollywood ever since.

He also added that he wants to prove to the entire nation and India through hard work, consistency and dedication and make Bhutan proud.

“I have to work hard and prove worthy of getting to play in such a huge movie. I think If I do well in the movie, a lot of other doors will also be opened to the Bhutanese as 1.3 billion people in India will appreciate the Bhutanese,” he added.

He said Bhutanese can look forward to highly stacked action-packed drama scenes from the movie. Currently, he is in Mumbai, India on the ongoing shoot of the movie which will be released next year.

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