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Verification of relics in Trongsa

Nov 16, 2019

Thefts and robberies of relics or artefacts in the country are on the rise every year. Therefore, the Department of Culture is verifying and maintaining the database for the relics of all Lhakhangs in Trongsa this time. It is to properly preserve and protect the items.

 As part of the programme, the department in collaboration with the police briefed all the Koenyers (Caretakers) of Trongsa in protecting and preserving the relics.

“There are five ways to preserve. The first is to register and verify frequently. The second is to provide training to maintain and preserve the sacred relics. The third is to show ways to prevent fire or theft. The repair and maintenance of those damaged or has become old is another and the fifth one is to send the old artefacts outside the country with a proper record of documents and licenses,” Phendey L. Wangchuk, the Chief Culture Property Officer of Home and Cultural Affairs Ministry, said.

The programme also focuses on building the capacity of the caretakers.

“We, caretakers are responsible for any thefts in the Lhakhang. So it would be better to install CCTV cameras based on the need and location of the Lhakhang,” Rinzin Wangchuk, a caretaker of Ngadak Lhakhang in Trongsa, said.

Another caretaker, Kencho Sonam of Dorji Goenpa added, “Since my Lhakhang is located along the highway, I have to be very vigilant. So if we have CCTV cameras installed, we would feel secure.”

Trongsa alone has about 130 Lhakhangs. Currently, there are about 68,000 registered relics and artefacts in the country.


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