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Huge concrete beams protecting roofs from the wind- Soe Gewog

Nov 9, 2019

Located at an altitude of over 4000 metres above the sea level, Soe Gewog in Thimphu has been a victim to the strong wind for the last many decades. Every year, roofs of some houses are blown away by the wind costing huge to the government and the people. However, with the introduction of a technique, placing huge concrete beams on the roofs have brought them a solution to protect their houses.

Huge concrete beams are placed on every government offices to add weight to CGI sheet roofing. This has helped to protect the roof from the wind. The works were carried in 2017.

“Since it was a big problem for us every year, we discussed the issue in Dzongkhag Tshogdu to come up with an alternative. Dzongkhag Engineer Sector came up with the idea and it has benefited us a lot. Over one and half years have passed with such measure and nothing major damage occurred from the wind after the new technique,” said Tshering Dorji, the Mangmi of Soe Gewog in Thimphu.

Like any other gewogs, Soe Gewog has a school, Basic Health Unit, Park and gewog livestock offices among others. All offices have CGI sheet roofing which is easily blown away by the wind.

“For example, teacher quarter had to repair twice after its completion. The gusty wind used to blow away the roof every year. This has incurred a huge loss to the government. When such a problem occurs every year, we cannot carry out repairing works on time since it is difficult to get materials on time due to distance. And it is a problem for civil servants serving in rural places,” he added.

The Mangmi further added that due to the geographical location, every chiwog in his gewog do not experience such strong wind like in the gewog centre area. However, he said the gewog administration has been advocating the public about the benefits of such roofing.

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