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Bridge over Mao River; Undying hope and sumptuous promises

Nov 9, 2019

The people of four chiwogs in Chhuzanggang Gewog of Sarpang have completed constructing a temporary bridge over the Mao River. Construction of the temporary bridge over Mao River at this time of the year has now become their annual routine. 

More than a hundred people from Chhuzanggang Gewog were involved in constructing the 10-meter long temporary bridge. The construction of the bridge, which usually takes about five days, the locals this time was able to construct within two days. Thanks to the machinery provided by the Natural Resource Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) office and a few boulder exporters.

“The support rendered by NRDCL and the exporters have been really helpful. It is very difficult to do everything on our own,” Karma Phuntsho, a resident, said.

In the summer, it is not possible to use the temporary bridge due to the risk posed by the swelling river. However, although there is a private bus service, most people prefer the temporary bridge as it cheaper and cut down the travel time.

“The government has constructed a GC road routing through Serzhong Bridge. But one has to travel around 25 kilometres, and we have to pay taxi fares if we don’t have our own car,” Lekey Wangchuk, the Chhuzanggang Mangmi, said.

“We do have a bus service, but it departs very early in the morning. We have to get ready by seven in the morning, and most times we are unable to get to the station before the bus leaves. It is more convenient with the temporary bridge,” Sonam said.

Meanwhile, locals still remain hopeful of a motorable bridge over the Mao River. Planning and studies are already underway with a Nu 400 M budget.

“We are sure a bridge will be constructed. We have had several ministers visit here, they talked with officials here and discussed on the plans for the construction and visited the sites as well. Recently the communications minister also visited the site,” the Mangmi said.

The temporary bridge constructed by residents of Chhuzanggang gewog also benefits people of Taraythang and Umling. Locals spent around Nu 40,000 to construct the bridge every year.

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