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Building capacity of CSOs

Nov 7, 2019

As Bhutan graduates from the least developed countries (LDC) category in 2023, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) will be challenged with resource mobilisation. So towards making CSOs stronger and financially sustainable, United Nations (UN) Bhutan together with Bhutan Foundation held a two-day workshop in Thimphu.

CSOs play a major role in mobilising and sensitising communities effectively in areas that need attention. They play a significant part in the development of the country. Developing and making CSOs financially stronger will help them address various social needs.

“As in any country, to get the funding you need to be very creative and innovative and learn from each other. We are suggesting that they reach out to people as many people to come to Bhutan. It’s the traveller’s destination number one for this year. As a CSO sector, we are always looking to connect with the people who care about the things we care about. So we are suggesting that through social media attract attention to your causes and I understand that many of the organisations are already doing that very successfully,” Maree Whybourne, a trainer, said.

She added that despite being less in numbers,  there is a huge potential for CSOs to contribute to society.

“In Bhutan, you have the opportunity not to have organisations doubling up so that they make sure that they are the only ones and the best people to do whatever it is they are working towards. And some of the people working in this sector in Bhutan can take the stage anywhere in the world. They are doing world-class.”

The training is expected to further improve CSO’s organisational capacity and facilitate better collaboration among various organizations. Today, there are more than 50 CSOs in the country.

Sonam Pem

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