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Thimphu Thromde to take encroachment into government land seriously

Oct 21, 2019

Thimphu Thromde says besides strict monitoring of encroachment into government land, they will now also take necessary action without hindrance.

According to the thromde, illegal constructions in government land will be demolished instantly. This is to discourage people from encroaching into government land.

On Saturday, Thromde officials demolished several walls constructed by a house owner on government land in Olakha.  The house owner, whose house is still under construction, had extended his walls in about 1500 square feet of government land.

According to Thromde officials, the owner had already been notified two times but had paid no heed to their notifications.

“There are many constructions going on at the moment, maybe around 500 to 600. So if everyone tries to encroach into government land next to them, it will be a huge problem. If the government’s land is big enough, we try to develop the area into public parking spaces which everyone can use,” said Kinlay Dorjee, the Thimphu Thromde Thrompon.

The Thrompon says all landowners should refrain from encroaching even if it is only a few decimals. He added government lands should be used for the benefit of all people and not just a few individuals.

In Saturday’s case, the Thrompon said he had even gone to the owner personally to request the owner to stop encroaching onto the government land.

Meanwhile, the owner said he had built the walls to develop the surrounding and that demolishing the walls has cost him huge losses. He added there are many who are doing the same and that the thromde should look into those without prejudice.

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