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118MW Nikahchhu Hydropower Project progressing exceptionally

Oct 12, 2019

118MW Nikahchhu Hydropower Project in Trongsa achieved almost twice the overall physical progress compared to last year. At present, 43 per cent of the work is completed when only 23 per cent were achieved till November last year.

This is a good indication that the project would be completed on time without delays unlike in the past.

Today a little over fifty per cent of the works has been completed at the Dam. The preparation for the Dam erection is in full swing.

The project officials said the adverse geological conditions like poor rock strata, and workers leaving the jobs in the middle due to cold weather hindered the progress before.

At the headrace tunnel, fifty per cent works are achieved. The high water ingress has challenged the tunnel excavation in some Adits.

Meanwhile, the erection of project’s two turbines or runners will begin from this month at the powerhouse. The construction of the base for the installation of the turbines has been completed.

The project will have two power-generating units once complete. And water discharged from the tailrace tunnel will go into the 720MW Mangdechhu Project’s water reservoir thereby contributing to an additional generation of power by MHPA. Once Nikahchhu project generates power, it will be exported to Power trading corporation of India.

The project is 100 per cent subsidiary company of Druk Green Power Corporation.

The construction of the project began in August 2016 and is expected to be fully operational by April 2021 if there are no geological surprises.


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