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His Majesty grants Dashain Tika

Oct 8, 2019
His Majesty The King granted Dashain Tika to the people of the Hindu community at the Devi Panchayan Mandir in Thimphu Kuenselphodrang.
Hundreds of people from across the country gathered at the Mandir to receive Tika and blessings from His Majesty.
The Mandir, which was consecrated on the 1st of October, was constructed as a special gift from His Majesty to the people of Bhutan. Following the consecration, Durga Puja was held at the Mandir, culminating in the commemoration of Dashain, which is one of the most important Hindu festivals in Bhutan.
The festival of Dashain marks the victory of Rama over the demon king Ravana, representing the victory of good over evil.
Tika of rice and curds is an important part of the festival- younger family members receive Tika from elders, as a symbol of their blessings and protection.
“As Dharmaraja, His Majesty is the embodiment of King Rama, who is said to be the incarnation of Vishnu. The Dashain Tika that His Majesty placed on the forehead of each and every person here today, represents the protection that the people of Bhutan enjoy. Therefore, it is a very special and intimate blessing from the King to His People,” said Rabi C Dahal, of the Hindu Dharma Samudaya.
The Prime Minister and senior government officials joined the people to receive Tika.

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