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Guinness world record holder for the longest time flying a paper plane is in the country

Oct 8, 2019

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. That’s what 60-year-old, Takuo Toda from Japan believes.  He holds a world record for the longest time flying a paper aircraft. And an amazing thing is, even today, no one is able to break his world record.

Today, the Guinness world record holder is here in the country for a 4-day visit.

Mr Takuo Toda holds a world record of keeping his hand-folded paper plane in the air for 27.5 seconds in 2009 and 29.2 seconds in 2010.

However, Mr Toda wants to achieve more. He is keen to pursue his dream of a 30-second flight. He said he makes sure to participate once in a year to break his own world record.

The paper plane is made of a single sheet of folded paper without using glue or scissors. The design is measured 10 centimetres from tip to tail. He has developed more than 700 different designs for paper aeroplanes.

“Since I was five years old, I started to make paper planes. I was interested in something which flies and the paper plane is very easy. Just by using one piece of paper, I could manage to make it. So I started to have an interest in making a paper plane. I always wanted to basically become number one and I wanted to prove myself that I can achieve something. It was due to my belief that I achieved what I always wanted to,” said Takuo Toda, the President of International Paper Plane Association in Japan.

He added, the record was all the more satisfying for having been achieved with a plane that stayed true to the traditions of origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.

He taught interested primary school students of Pelkhil on how to make paper planes, yesterday.

“I wanted to come to Bhutan and I believe that Bhutan is one happy country. Flying paper planes in Bhutan was my dream. I am happy that my dream came true and I want to see a lot of paper planes to fly in Bhutan in the near future,” he added.

Mr.Toda will participate for the last two times in the Guinness world record and try to break his own record.

Pema Seldon Tshering

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