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Gelegphu Thromde to investigate subletting of plots at the new ISC

Sep 18, 2019

Subletting plots at the new Industrial Service Centre (ISC) in Gelegphu by some plot owners, who had already acquired plots in the area, was pointed out during the 4th round of plot distribution recently.

People who came to take part in the lucky dip process of the plot distribution questioned the thromde about the issue.

“There are lots of people doing the broker business. Some own two to three plots, some are brokers and some have sub-leased their plots. And genuinely interested individuals like us are not able to obtain a plot in the area. How is thromde going to address such issues? And what penalties are thromde planning to impose in such cases? Tenzin Wangda from Passang Cement Agent said.

In response, the Executive Secretary of Gelegphu Thromde said they are aware that some people who obtained a plot earlier at the centre have started subletting.  She said it is against the lease agreement to sublet the plots and is a serious issue.

“When we go for inspection they claimed that they are their own people. If we reveal our plans here then we might not be successful in finding out so I am not going to share the plans. We are going to investigate,” Tashi Wangmo, the Executive Secretary, said.

She added if any individuals are caught in such practices, they will be dealt as per the law, which could also lead to cancellation of the plots.

The new Industrial Service Centre with 111.5 acres has a total of 102 plots. It stretches from the present BoD junction until the domestic Airport along the Gelegphu-Sarpang highway under Tashiling Demkhong.

Karma Wangdi

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