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The Tshoglham; from Gewog Tshogde to DT to District Administration

Sep 11, 2019

The incident of a civil servant in Trongsa being reminded to wear the traditional Tshoglham boots in Korphu Gewog Tshogde has lately gone viral on social media.

The local leaders in the district are calling this disrespectful towards the gewog decision-making body and have asked for the District Administration to take action on it. The issue was extensively deliberated during the Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) meeting yesterday.

During the DT, Korphu Gup said all members and representatives of the Sectors in the Dzongkhag have been reminded since the third session to come wearing Tshoglham at the meetings. During the fifth session, a verbal reminder was once again conveyed. But at the sixth session, he says one was still found breaching the rule for which a reminder letter was issued.

“The reminder letter then went viral on social media on the 6th of last month and the negative comments still continues there. So this has made me think that such a post was made to defame and discourage one’s interest to further continue with the job,”  said Sangay Khandu, the Korphu Gup, Trongsa.

And almost all members present at the recent DT claimed that the sharing of the letter on social media is not a good example and has defamed the gewog’s highest decision-making body.

“Since he is a civil servant, the DT won’t conduct any disciplinary action or notify him. So in order to proceed further with such a case, we are forwarding it to the district administration,” said Ugyen Tenzin, the chairperson of Trongsa Dzongkhag Tshogdu.

“In the civil service, we have a civil service code of conducts and of course, we have a discipline committee within the Dzongkhag, where the committee will review the case properly. And we will also consult with the legal department and we will see how best we can resolve the issue,” added Tenzin Dorji, the Trongsa Dzongda.

However, the accused over the phone said he posted the reminder letter on social media after he was upset at being issued the letter through a social media group chat forum. He added that the reminder letter should rather have been served personally.


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