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Following the steps of the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition

Sep 3, 2019

The fifth Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition has left its legacy in the schools of Samdrup Jongkhar. Schools organise various kind of flower exhibitions following the fifth Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition held in the Dzongkhag in February this year.

Today most Schools under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag look like a recreational park surrounded with various kind beautiful flowers and plants.This is all because of the fifth Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition held in Samdrup Jongkhar earlier this year. Teachers and students visited the exhibition and got inspiration and knowledge of keeping surrounding clean, safe, well organized and beautiful.

Earlier this year, during the annual dzongkhag education conference, the managements decided to conduct flower exhibition in all the 24 schools under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag.

“Looking at the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition, we the principals have decided in the 28th dzongkhag education conference how to impart this knowledge to students and villagers so we are conducting flower exhibition in all the schools in Samdrup Jongkhar. And this is one of the pillars to preserve Gross National Happiness, so making the students work for this, we encourage the preservation of the environment,” said Thinley Dorji, the Principal of Garpawoong Middle Secondary School in Samdrup Jongkhar.

School administration conducts flower exhibition as class competition and recently flower exhibition was conducted in Garpawoong Middle Secondary School.

Some of the students say before they use to keep the school campus clean by cutting bushes and grasses only. But this year, the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition has taught them how to develop it into various kinds of a garden with locally available resources.

“We have witnessed the flower exhibition and grabbed some ideas and then applied to our school for the reason of school and campus beautification. The physical condition required for learning is under the environmental factors, so the beautiful garden we have maintained will create an atmosphere that will let to a conducive learing,” said Karma Yeshi Zangpo, a Student of Garpawoong Middle Secondary School.

“Once I was sick but I didn’t miss my lessons because I could not make myself to take a rest from missing our beautiful school gardens. I feel happy by looking at our school as it looks very beautiful compared to last year,” added Tshering Chuki, a Student of the same school.

Without any budget, teachers and students take full dedication and initiative to develop the school campus. According to some school principals, the objective for the flower exhibition is to teach and instil values of a clean and beautiful environment leading to better learning outcomes and to develop the aesthetic beauty of the campus.

Kinley Wangchuk

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