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Thimphu Thromde fined for violating Water Act

Apr 18, 2012

While the interim water supply project in Thimphu is almost complete, the National Environment Commission, NEC, says the project failed to abide by the Water Act 2011. This is because the Thimphu Thromde failed to acquire the environment clearance certificate. The Thromde was fined about Nu. 100,000 for violating the Act.

As per the Act, a person intending to abstract water shall seek an approval from the Commission prior to conducting feasibility studies. The approval shall contain terms and conditions including upstream and downstream water use issues.

However, despite the notification issued by the NEC on the Water Act, Thimphu Thromde failed to comply with it.

“Actually we did not completely know that underground water, which has very minimal impact to the environment, needs the requirement of national environment clearance certificate before we start the work,” said Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee. “We tried to appeal to NEC saying that we didn’t know and we had to take the project on priority because if we delay this project we have serious water shortage problem.”

According to an inventory study conducted by the NEC, Wangchhu is proven as highly contaminated.

However, the Thimphu Thrompon said the assessments works were carried before starting the project. He said they tested the sample of the water when they started drilling the ground. The water was found to be clean and can be distributed with a very minimal treatment.

“We requested the concerned agencies to come up with a proper standard. While carrying out works we have to come up with our own standards. In our present situation our citizens don’t know the proper usage of it. Today the treated water is all misused in construction sites, washing and sewerage purposes. So, to really supply safe and portable water also I think a huge resource is wasted,” said the Thrompon.

He added that it would be better if the NEC could come up with proper drinking water standards. The Water Act 2011 was enacted on  May 31, 2011.

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  2. tharpa

    TCC should be taken to the court for supplying dirty river water for drinking purpose. The public of Thimphu needs to raise this issue.

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