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Sarpangtar residents want moratorium on building construction to be lifted

Karma Wangdi, Sarpang
Aug 31, 2019

The plot owners of Sarpangtar in Sarpang were not able to construct any houses with the moratorium on building construction for about a decade now. In the absence of structural and local area, the construction was suspended in 2010. 

With a population of 3,500, Sarpangtar has been facing acute housing shortage and people blame on the moratorium on building construction.

The issue was raised during the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu. Local leaders say people are requesting to at least allow constructing of residential buildings.

“People are asking us to appeal for residential housing constructions while commercial buildings can be restricted,” Ashman Rai, Shompangkhag Mangmi, said.

The dzongkhag’s principal engineer informed the house that while the structural plan for Sarpangtar is now completed but the local area plan is still not ready. 

“Last year, starting from the middle of 10th month till the first year of 2019, we carried out land survey. Now, the works and human settlement is carrying out the local area work plan. As you all know Shompangkha, Gakiling Gewog, Shechamthang and Sarpangtar did not receive lag thram till date,” Tashi Choephel said.

It looks like the owners of the plots will have to wait for a few more years before they get approval for housing construction. There are a total of around 150 households at Sarpangtar with an area of close to an acre.

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