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Youths come up with innovative ideas to address social challenges

Phub Gyem, Thimphu
Aug 26, 2019

A group of students from Babesa higher secondary school in Thimphu came together during the weekend to develop innovative ideas in addressing social challenges. They took part in the first-ever Social Innovation Camp at Serbithang.

The camp was part of the Gakey Lamtoen, a pilot project of the National Commission for Women and  Children(NCWC) and UNDP Bhutan. It is a gender-based violence prevention project that focuses on youths to make them in charge of social issues and come up with solutions.

During the camp, the participants came up with innovative solutions, ideas and ways to prevent the two main causes of violence- drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

“Youths are suggesting that if there is a youth centre in Babesa with facilities such as dancing, swimming, sports, it will help to keep youths meaningfully engaged,” Lhakee Tasreen Yigzeen said.

“Babesa community in Thimphu has a higher number of youths abusing drugs. The adults in the community are busy with their daily works and don’t seem to care much. So we as youth have the potential to stay vigilant and effectively communicate and influence those youths having such problems,” Bidhan Chhetri said.

“We are asking to put suggestion boxes on the roads so that those youths who have issues will drop their suggestions to be checked every weekend to know what they want as solutions,” Tika Maya said.

Through the camp, adolescents were put at the helm of solutions to address social challenges afflicting their schools and communities.

“Currently we are working with Babesa HSS students and spending a lot of time with them about drugs and alcohol. It’s not that we are giving them lectures saying alcohol is bad but we are talking to them and asking them why young people abuse alcohol and where do they get it? Asking them thought-provoking questions and making them think of reasons for using alcohol and drugs and its impact in the community and among friends,” Yangday, the Facilitator of Gakey Lamtoen Project, said.

The project will choose the best innovative ideas for implementation.

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