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HH the Je Khenpo conferred a recognition letter to Dasho Sangay Dorji

Kipchu, Bumthang
Jul 30, 2019

His Holiness the Je Khenpo conferred a recognition letter (Zengtoed) to Dasho Sangay Dorji, the former Secretary of Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC) at the concluding day of Bumthang Moenlam Chenmo, today.

The 74-year-old former Secretary was recognized for his contribution in propagating Dzongkha in the country throughout his career as a writer, historian and a bureaucrat. Dasho Sangay Dorji, who is the first Secretary of DDC is known for writing various Dzongkha school textbooks, grammar, law books, biographies and other texts.

“This came as a surprise and I am truly blessed to receive this recognition from His Holiness himself. I am lost for words to describe my feelings. While at DDC, I authored the first Dzongkha Grammar textbook, which is equivalent to the Sumtag. Then I also headed the compilation of all the Dzongkha words into the first Dzongkha dictionary. Later, I also chaired the composition of the first Dzongkha-English dictionary” said Dasho Sangay Dorji, the former Secretary for DDC.

“I also wrote numerous Dzongkha textbooks for schools and the Non-Formal Education programme. Besides, during my 27-year career at DDC, I also contributed in writing various biographies and historical literature. Moreover, I also helped write books about law, legal terminologies and culture; Driglam Namzha textbooks being one of them,” he added.

The former Secretary was born at Chuttoed valley of Tang Gewog in Bumthang. He also served as the first Secretary of the National Assembly Secretariat before joining DDC in 1986.

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