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Compound archery team selected

Choni Dema, Thimphu
Jul 7, 2019

Three top archers selected from the 2nd international style compound archery tournament will represent Bhutan at the 13th South Asian Games, which will be held in Nepal in December.

The tournament was mainly organised to identify and select archers. 12 participants took part in the tournament held in Thimphu yesterday.

Tashi Penjor scored the highest and was ranked first. Tandin Dorji came in 2nd and Karma Sherab third. They will now represent the country at the South Asian Games.

The tournament was held as per the international regulations with the archers equipped with all the accessories such as the scope, stabilizer, sight, trigger and peep.

In the international style competition, the target is set at a range of 50 metres. A total of 144 arrows were shot by each individual to complete 4 sets in total.

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