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100 per cent printing subsidy for private papers, esp. Dzongkha

Pema Seldon Tshering, Thimphu
Jun 30, 2019

The government will provide 100 per cent printing subsidy to the private papers especially Dzongkha if that is the only way to sustain their business. This was announced by the Prime Minister during Meet the Press on Friday.

Following the shutdown of Dzongkha newspaper, Druk Neytshul and concerns shared by one of the private newspapers, the Prime Minister said the government will look into alternative ways to support private media.

“On the sustainability front is financial sustainability, we will do whatever is possible, we never said no. If by giving 100 per cent subsidy to that Dzongkha paper on the printing front, if that is the only way, we are more than happy to do it. The request that came to us was 100 per cent print subsidy that we were going to consider, in the process of considering, the media house already stopped,” Dr Lotay Tshering, the Prime Minister said.

Last year, the government approved 50 per cent subsidy for the private papers in the country, however, it was still difficult for the private print media to sustain their business. Since advertisement has been one of the main sources of revenue for the Dzongkha paper, because of few subscriber and poor readership, people were reluctant to advertise in their paper.

Today there are only five private newspapers including one Dzongkha paper Gyalchi Sarchog.

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