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Gewog Police Outpost in Drukjeygang

Namgay Wangchuk, Tsirang
Jun 30, 2019

People of Drukjeygang, Tsangkha, Largyab and Khebisa need not travel or call the Dagapela Police for its services now. This is because Royal Bhutan Police opened a Gewog Police Outpost in Drukjeygang yesterday.

The much-awaited gewog based police outpost is finally opened by the Dagana drangpoen along with dzongkhag and geowg officials. This was proposed through gewog tshogdue via Dzongkhag tshogdue since 2004. Five police personnel headed by a senior police was posted in the gewog. Their roles are to maintain law and order in these four geowgs and shall patrol every chiwogs and villages to sensitize people on crime prevention activities.

“So far the gewog officials were trying to maintain law and order in the community. We come across battery cases, robbery, substance abuse and gang fights among others. We are not very versed to deal with such crimes. These are beyond our roles. Now with the police personnel in uniform making the rounds people’s perception towards crime would change,” Karma Tshering, the Gup of Drukjeygang Gewog said.

Currently for any complaints or emergency need for police services, people of these gewogs need to wait hours for their arrival. It is over 40 km from Drukjeygang Gewog towards the nearby police stations in Tsirang and Dagapela.

“I stay in Drukjeygang town; over the years the population in the town has doubled. Accordingly, crime related to alcohol, drug abuse and gang fights were also on the rise. We are hopeful that the police outpost would keep the crimes at bay,” said Pema Youden, a resident of Drukjeygang.

“Unlike in the past, we hear lots of crimes being reported. In the 90s it was very peaceful. However now with the opening of the police outpost here, we are hopeful that not only us but the neighbouring gewogs would also reap the benefits,” added Tashi, also from the same gewog.

There are over 1500 households in these four gewogs that will be benefited. Tsirang Police Division would monitor the outpost. Through the project, Superintended police of Tsirang said, it would build trust and communication between the people and police.

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