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To respect the profession; Teaching allowance hike.

Samten Dolkar, Thimphu
Jun 30, 2019

Apart from attracting the best academic students to enter the teaching profession and to retain experienced teachers, the government said giving fat allowances to teachers is one of the ways to respect the profession.

This was said upon asking the government about how will they improve the quality of education and service delivery in the health sector following the provision of high allowances to teachers and doctors during the recent meet the press session.

The prime minister when asked about how the government plans to improve the quality in two sectors said, the question is easy but difficult to answer, giving special attention to the education sector.

“When it comes to quality, we can only frame rules and policies but how much will it be carried out will all depend on students and teachers. Of course, I am not saying that raising their salary is intended only or the only way to retain them or encourage them. I think this is one of the ways to respect the profession,” Dr Lotay Tshering, the Prime Minister said.

“When we are recognising teachers as the most important or teaching as a revered position, I think we are also like inviting the top class or toppers from the academic side so that many of the toppers will join in the education sector. So that’s one way of improving the quality of education,” Jai Bir Rai, the Education Minister added.

To further improve the quality, the government said it must first start with respecting the profession. But with it, they also plan to improve the standards of teaching colleges.

“I will now be going to focus on NIE Paro and Samtse teacher training college campus. So students entering Samtse and Paro campuses should be getting more stipend compared to others. The campus facilities of those two campuses should be upgraded possibly to the best international standards. The faculty of those two campuses should also receive more capacity building attention from the government and then from this I am sure the entrance to those campuses will be very competitive. So I think these are the little ways that we can start adding up to improving the quality of education as a goal,” the Lyonchhen said.

The government, however, said that the quality of education in Bhutan is not bad. They said they just want to take the quality further. They also added that in the next five year, education quality will be one of their main agendas.

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