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Advocacy on crime for the students of Wangsel Institute for the Deaf

Sangay Chezom, Paro
Jun 28, 2019

Despite the Laws and Information on crimes available everywhere, the students of Wangsel Institute for the Deaf have difficulty understanding them. The Institute in an effort to prevent students to come in conflict with Police during summer break has organized an advocacy program on crimes yesterday.

Like any other schools, Students of Wangsel Institute for the Deaf are also preparing to leave for home after their last Mid-Term examinations. But unlike other students, many of the institute students do not seem excited.

With parents and friends back at home least educated with sign languages, according to teachers, students find it difficult to communicate.

“Since they can’t talk, we have to use sign language to communicate. So when they go back to their home, their parents try to communicate but then students do not understand it. The students then get frustrated and even parents get frustrated,” said Tshering Wangmo, a teacher at Wangsel Institue for the Deaf.

So, before the summer break, students had their last lesson yesterday with Royal Bhutan Police. Students were taught on traffic rules, drugs and its implications and about things to avoid getting involved in Crimes.

“They go around with different friends and some with friends who abuse drugs. So there are chances they might also get involved in those crimes. So before going home, if we tell them about the laws, we think they can avoid it. Sometimes, when they see advocacies on television they can’t understand it so they ask us. So we feel they need to be informed of repercussions and rules,” she added.

There are 108 students with the Institute today and so far there is no record of students coming in conflicts with police and the Laws. This is the first time the institute is organizing such events.

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