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Why should Bumthang Thromde be upgraded to Throm A category?

By Pema Lhaden, Bumthang
Apr 9, 2012
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The Bumthang Thromde is presently classified under Thromde B. However, going by the Thromde Rules of 2011, Bumthang Thromde fulfills all the necessary provisions required to upgrade to Thromde A category. Therefore, the Dzongkhag Administration has put up proposal to the government to upgrade the present Thromde to Thromde A in the 11th Five Year Plan.

If a Throm has to be upgraded to Thromde A, the Thromde Rules of 2011 states more than 50 percent of population should depend on non-primary activities like owning cottage based industries, hotels, working in the office or running a shop. It also states that the population should be more than 10,000 without taking their census into consideration.

The other provisions in the Rules are that the Throm has to be not less than 5 square kilometres and should have the capability of generating revenues sufficient to finance the establishment and maintenance of infrastructures. According to Bumthang Dzongkhag Administration the Bumthang Thromde meets all the provisions.

“As mentioned in the Thromde Rules, we have good number of residents living in the Throm. In terms of boundary, it stretches from Kurje till Jalikhar and Garpang. According to the Rules, more than 50 percent of the population should depend on other activities excluding agriculture. We have good number of industries, hotels and guest houses,” argues Bumthang Dzongda, Sangay Thinley.

Ugyen Dorji and Jambay Nidup were the former members of the National Assembly and Royal Advisory Council. Today, they are key members of the Bumthang town development committee. “We feel that if we can at least upgrade Bumthang as one of the grade A Throm, this doesn’t mean that it has to be done against the policies of the government, but government can always look into the system, policy and then they could always judge the positive point of views whether Bumthang deserves to be grade A Throm,” says Ugyen Dorji. He adds that Bumthang has a big voter population. “We are right in centre of the country, a tourist destination and the economy of Bumthang is very strong.”

According to Jambay Nidup Bumthang town has a traditional look. “In the coming years, if the houses are built with traditional designs, our Throm will really look beautiful.”

At present, the Bumthang Thromde has adequate drinking water and this will remain the same even if the Thromde is upgraded to Thromde A. This is because there are abundant water sources nearby the locality of the Throm. On road widening, the Department of Roads is likely to begin the works soon. In terms of power supply, the Throm is occasionally facing power-cuts but in near future, this problem will be solved.

“We are going to bring power lines from Trongsa for that we have constructed tower at Yotongla. At present, we supply power from Kurichu but quite soon the power line will be joined with north and south power stations, which is from Jigmeling in Sarpang to Kurichu, to Chukha and Tala and then bring the line from Punatshangchu I and II and Mangdechu hydropower project. So the power supply in Bumthang will be stable,” explains the Dzongda.

However, the Dzongda said the Throm will be upgraded in line with the master plan of Bumthang Thromde. Once the draft master plan is ready for implementation, the present Chamkhar town will not be upgraded. This is mainly because the town is located near the Chamkhar Chu. “Business people are aware of the fact that Chamkhar town only on temporary basis. The issue has been discussed way back, since 63rd and 64th Dzongkhag Tshogdu meetings.”

If the government gives a green signal, the Dzongkhag Administration is looking forward to upgrade the Throm as proposed in the eleventh five year plan.

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  1. abc

    Before upgrading Bumthang town in to Grade A . There should be proper Power system and internet connectivity . Till now, the Power system in bumthang is not constant, happening from last decades, same case to Internet connection also.
    The power system facilities in bumthang is too bad.

  2. Kuenzang

    Why Bumthang.?!
    Trongsa’s been the central of Bhutan and our King has also been the Penlop of that place. But when it comes to upgrading Throm and are and palces, it’s always been Bumthang. W-H-Y..???

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