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Bhutan Dialogues website launched

Phub Gyem, Thimphu
Feb 18, 2019

United Nations in Bhutan and Loden Foundation are taking Bhutan Dialogues global with the launch of an independent website for the forum. Bhutan Dialogue is a forum, where leaders and change-makers talk about policies, issues, challenges and solutions surrounding developmental situations of the country.

The website was launched on February 14.

An independent website for the Bhutan Dialogues will make the past sessions easily accessible to a larger number of audiences for a greater impact.

“It is basically¬†to show to the rest of the world that there is a lot of discursive dialogic discussions going on here in Bhutan on development in general, particularly sustainable development that is today current in the global arena. Also, to give access to the Bhutanese who have not been able to come here in person, “Karma Phuntsho (PhD), the Founder of Loden Foundation, said.

Karma Phuntsho (PhD) hosts the Bhutan Dialogues forum. Bhutan Dialogues is held on every second Thursday of each month.

The website, www.bhutandialogues.bt will have links to audio and visual recordings of all the past 14 sessions of the Bhutan Dialogues.

“We know from other countries, 192 countries that are member states of the UN, we dialogue on the challenges. We are more likely to come up with innovative solutions and that’s why Loden Foundation working with the UN believes that it is wise for us to continue the opportunity, that is Bhutan Dialogues,” Gerald Daly, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Bhutan, said.

Bhutan Dialogues forum was initiated a year and a half ago with the objective to disseminate knowledge and information and cultivate critical and analytical thinking among Bhutanese people.

The focus is on young people to understand the country’s overall situation of development in the areas of governance, economy, education and climate change among others.

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